Welcome to Phoenix Freight Systems

Since inception in 1988, Phoenix Freight Systems business has been developed on a philosophy of personalising our services to meet the needs of our valued clients.

Phoenix Freight Systems is perfectly positioned to assist with all your freight forwarding, customs clearance, and warehousing & distribution needs by remaining flexible in our approach to our client's requirements.

The Company is one of few independent freight companies who accurately claim to have a global presence.

Phoenix will continue to develop and expand its facilities, whilst ensuring it simultaneously retains the personal and flexible approach to business that is afforded through independant ownership.

Phoenix believes in investing in and empowering its staff. We will continue to invest in training all levels of staff to ensure a knowledgeable, motivated and highly skilled workforce.

New services will continue to be developed and offered as the rapid advances in IT radically change the way supply and procurement is conducted.

Phoenix Freight Systems strives for excellence in all services and will continue to use benchmarking and quality systems to assist in meeting targets.

International Sea Freight
Frequent sailings to and from all major ports worldwide.
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International Air Freight
Our Air Freight network covers more than 100 countries.
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Road Transport
Providing fast, reliable delivery services.
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Customs Clearance
Our highly experienced customs department will look after you.
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Cargo Tracking
Track your cargo
in "Real Time" with PANGAEA.
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We have very competitive rates for both individual and annual policies.
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We provide a comprehensive range
of 3rd-party logistics warehousing and distribution services.
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Our facility is equipped to handle diverse inbound freight and product configurations.
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Motor Vehicle Importing
Importation to Australia for vehicles purchased overseas.
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